What is the Importance of Office Secretary for a Company?

What is the Importance of Office Secretary for a Company?

Singapore Secretarial Services: What is the Importance of Office Secretary for a Company?

What is the Importance of Office Secretary for a Company?Your Singapore Private Limited Company must hire an office secretary, and this rule has a lot of practicality backing it up. Office secretary is a person who holds the office together. Actually, they have as much as responsibility as their bosses do. A company might not exist if a company secretary doesn’t, that phrase in itself defines the importance of office secretary.


Jobs Done by an Office Secretary

Office secretary has a lot of roles and responsibilities. They look after a lot of clerical and administrative duties necessary for an office to function. Their jobs include answering telephones, handling emails, preparing documents and editing, managing time, managing databases, communicating with subjects inside and outside the office, etc. Here is more about the duties of a secretary in an office.

As you can see, being a secretary is a lot of hard work. They have a lot of things to do and even more things to look after. Nothing as hectic as being an office secretary, so if you know anyone working as an office secretary near you, then they deserve praise.


Working as an Office Secretary Isn’t for Everyone

Working as an office secretary is not an easy thing to do, and it takes a lot of sweat. They are always busy, and it doesn’t take a lot of minds to conclude that office secretaries might break down easily if they don’t have the passion for backing it up. Let us say, only the ones who love coordinating are the ones who can survive as office secretaries. Being an office secretary isn’t just another job, and a person can’t be one if they don’t love working, even under a hectic schedule.


Skills Required to be a Good Office Secretary

Well, no one should (or can) overlook the importance of office secretary. Having said so, some skills are required for someone to be truly called one. Knowledge skills and abilities of a secretary include communication skills, teamwork, arrangement, time management skills, computer skills, etc. Here is more about that on the skills and qualities of an office secretary.
And if we talk about the most important skill of an office secretary, that is the understanding of business. The secretary must be able to understand what the business is all about; or rather, we can say that an office secretary must have the vision which the company director or the owner has. If you ask the secretaries of successful office, they will tell you that they always keep the company growth in mind when they are doing something.


One Question After All This: Is it Expensive to Hire Your Own Company Secretary?

Here is the thing. Just because a person fills in for the role of a company secretary doesn’t mean that they are adept to do the job. In Singapore, you will need to hire someone skilled. This is because the market is competitive and being straightforward. Basically, you can’t go anywhere without a good company secretary. For many companies, especially startups, we will have to say that you need to have a significant budget to hire someone with a professional calibre.

What is the Importance of Office Secretary for a Company?


So, What is the Answer?

Many companies in Singapore pot to go for corporate secretarial services. This means letting some other companies look after the secretarial needs. This is cheaper than when compared to hiring your own professionals. As the secretarial services are ones who focus in a particular field of office secretarial, you can expect skilled work.

The importance of office secretary isn’t something that can be denied. So, hiring corporate secretarial services is in many cases, a must for startups. If you think that you can do it too, make sure that you work with a professional company which can bring results. Contact us for more information.

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