AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong – Accounting Industry To The Next Level

AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong – Accounting Industry To The Next Level

AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong Is All-Set To Take Accounting Industry To The Next Level

According to a press release published on PRWeb on 11 October 2019, Al Accountant Chai Chung Hoong, the top leading digital tax and accounting firm in Singapore, has started research and development for Robot Accountant – Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to automate accounting processes by reducing human involvement in such tasks. The team behind Al Accountant is committed to solving accounting and business problems through Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is an area of technology emphasizing the creating of intelligence devices/software that react and work like humans. It’s gaining ground among entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world, thanks its optimum accuracy and efficiency. Artificial intelligence employs machine learning to imitate human intelligence. The computer needs to learn how to respond to particular actions, so it employs historical data and specific algorithms to create a propensity model.

AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong – Accounting Industry To The Next Level

Al Accountant Chai Chung Hoong wants to make the most of artificial intelligence technology to streamline book-keeping and accounting tasks. It will surely go a long way toward helping businesses improve their financial activities and simplify the preparation of taxes and accounts. It will also help strengthen KYC and due diligence, ultimately reducing the risk of money laundering and potential breaches of Section 157 of the Companies Act and Section 410 of the Penal Code. The team at Al Accountant will use Al to deliver the highest level of productivity at work. Their main objective is to induce investors to do business in Singapore through technology automation and increase cost savings for the business.

Here’s what the Al Accountant team says about their services:

‘’The idea of having a fully online, artificial intelligence dominated accounting system can be a daunting challenge for many. But not for the team at AI Accountant who is leading the way in this sector with a range of high quality services and zero compromise on service and efficiency. As a business, we understand your concerns when it comes to engaging the best professional accounting firm whom you can trust to handle every aspect of your business needs without the exorbitant cost. You want a full-range of digital accounting services and you want to partner with the best in the business. Which is why you need AI Accountant on your community to help you find the right Corporate Service Provider.’’

Al Accountant Chai Chung Hoong is the best option for businesses wanting to switch to a more modern technology to deal with all their business needs.  Not only do AI Accountant help you streamline business accounting processes, they also offer a wide range of services, including compilation of financial statements, incorporation services, register a private limited company, corporate secretarial services, nominee director services, corporate tax compliance services, XBRL filing services, booking or accounting services, company strike off and deregistration services, company stamp and seal makers, Singapore legal services, registered address and virtual office address services.

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