Company Stamp & Seal Makers

Company Stamp & Seal Makers

Finished setting up a company in Singapore already? Don’t forget about your company stamp. Any business that is running in Singapore is required to have a company stamp, and this is a very important part of running the business.

Your business’s company stamp would usually consist of your business logo, name, and any other details which are deemed important. Many business tend to scout for some of the best designers around who can help them achieve the design details that they want for their company stamps.

Company stamps can be selected based on size, design and style, depending on the company’s preference. There are no standard size requirements for company stamps in Singapore.

Chai Chung Hoong, Account Manager of AI Accountant will help you to purchase Company Stamp and Seal Makers.

Why Do I Need a Company Stamp for My Business?

Company stamps in Singapore are used for the following reasons:

  • For Legal Purposes – Companies in Singapore use company stamps which are often required in legal documents.
  • To Seal Envelopes Officially – Some companies use company stamps to seal envelopes which contain important business documents that need to be sent to other people.
  • To Confirm That the Document Is Original – Company stamps are used to certify that the documents provided are in fact original and genuinely for the company. Company stamps helps to minimize the chances of falsifying documents to minimise fraud.
  • Convey Professionalism – Documents still need to be sent to suppliers or buyers in the cases of some companies, depending on the nature of the business. Company stamps convey professionalism and it effectively increases trust among various parties.
  • Increasing Efficiency – Company stamps in some cases can be used to replace signatures on certain types of documents. Business owners are able to improve their workflow efficiency through the use of these company stamps by authorizing it to be used for certain important documents.

Do You Require a Company Stamp or Seal Made?

Looking for a vendor to create your company stamp or seal? AI Accountant recommends the following vendors:

Company Stamp Singapore

Since it started, Company Stamp Singapore Pte Ltd has quickly grown to become one of the leading local providers of self-inking rubber stamps and common seals. With its vast experience in the field as a Singapore rubber stamp maker, the company can quickly and effectively produce a rubber stamp for you in under 10 minutes using advanced manufacturing techniques to guarantee quality products and optimum customer satisfaction.

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AE Stamp

AE Stamp is a rubber stamp maker in Singapore which provides quality and refillable COLOP self-inking pre-inking rubber stamp, company rubber stamp, teacher rubber stamp and more, creating quality rubber stamps for customers from all industries.

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Established in Singapore in 1996, DuraChop Pte Ltd is a professional one-stop specialist in personalized pre-inked stamps and printing services. DuraChop offers rubber stamps, common seals and other related products.

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