Singapore Legal Services

An autonomous part of the Singapore Public Service is the Singapore Legal Service, comprising of a collective body of lawyers (known as Legal Service Officers) who serve in the courts, legal departments of various government ministries and statutory boards, and the Attorney-General’s Chambers in Singapore.

As of 18 November 2015, the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) was established as a department under the Ministry of Law in Singapore. The LSRA is helmed by the Director of Legal Services, who’s main responsibilities include overseeing the regulation of all law practice entities and the registration of foreign lawyers in Singapore.

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Singapore Legal Services


Singapore has long practiced an efficient and transparent legal system for all parties, regardless of their nationality. All parties in Singapore will be offered the right to due process under the Singaporean law. Singapore is a party to the UN Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Arbitration laws in other countries which also follow the convention will be enforceable in Singapore.

Singapore is recognized around the world as a reputable business hub and a world-class financial centre. As such, the country has enforced a stringent and fair legal framework in place. These laws hep to provide businesses operating in the country with sufficient protection for their investments and assets so they are able to run their business operations with peace of mind.

Business would still need to outsource their firm’s legal business handlings to a reputable, professional legal services firm because of the complex nature of the legal system. Singapore’s legal system may be excellent, but it is still advisable to place your legal matters in the hands of the professionals who are competent enough to make a difference to your business in Singapore.

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