What is the Main Responsibility of Corporate Secretarial Service?

What is the Main Responsibility of Corporate Secretarial Service?

Corporate Secretarial Services Definition: The Main Responsibility of Corporate Secretarial Service

What is the Main Responsibility of Corporate Secretarial Service?We have seen many people asking this question. “What is the main responsibility of corporate secretarial service?” Or, “What do office secretarial services do?” To put it simply, a company secretarial service does everything that a secretary does. Thus, the main responsibility of an office secretarial is to ensure that the company survives. A corporate secretarial service makes sure that the company’s day to day tasks go smooth and result into something productive. They look after a lot of things, all of which are must for an office to be called an office.

Elucidating it further, let us put it this way. There are many types of office secretaries, and they have different roles and responsibilities.  For example, there might be a front desk-secretary, executive secretary, legal secretary, medical secretary, etc. and their jobs depend on the designation (you can know more about types of office secretaries here). Also, the work done by a secretary depends on the type of company or corporate they are working for. For instance, the duties of a secretary in a college could be different from the duties of a secretary in a school.


The Responsibility of Corporate Secretarial Service: How Do They Exactly Work?

An office secretarial service has various secretaries affiliated to it. Means that the corporate secretarial service sends their team of secretaries to the company they are working with. Also, they do it at a cheaper cost than the other way around; for a company having to hire its own employees. This concept of secretarial service outsourcing is very popular in Singapore, where it is a must to hire a secretary, and many startups are being built with owners looking for a cheap and good alternative. You get professional service with such secretarial facilities, but of course, for that, you have to work with good secretarial service. To know more about that, here are the qualities of good office secretarial.


What Do Office Secretarial Services Do for You?

Like we said already, office secretarial service does everything that a company secretary service does, the only difference is that you don’t give a permanent contract and they are cheap. Even if what company secretary does depend on the office they are working with, here are some general things that a Singapore corporate secretarial service helps you with.

Communicating with Clients

Office secretarial services help you to communicate with your clients. This includes answering telephone calls, handling e-mails, talking to visitors, etc.

Managing Schedule

This one is another thing corporate secretarial service helps you with. They help manage the schedule of office employees.

Organise Meetings

Organising meetings also fall under the responsibility of corporate secretarial service. They assist by organising and looking after many types of meetings, such as a board of directors’ meetings, decision-making meetings, innovation meetings, etc. in the right schedule.

Organise Paperwork

Filing documents and arranging or managing paperwork also fall under the responsibility of office secretary. Proofreading, faxing, etc. are also done by an office secretarial service.

What is the Main Responsibility of Corporate Secretarial Service?


Other Responsibilities

Other responsibilities include helping employees with their papers, answering queries and taking care of guests and sometimes the workers, taking notes, etc.


You see, there are many responsibilities of office secretarial service and they help your company remain competitive. So, if you are thinking of hiring a corporate secretarial service, you are doing a good thing. Contact us if you are looking for a reliable corporate secretarial service in Singapore; we will help you like no one else.

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