Corporate Secretarial Services Package
S$250 per year


Our Company Secretary Package starts at $250 per year

(inclusive of ACRA’s $60 filing fee), and with it, what you stand to gain includes:

  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • We will act as the named Corporate Secretary
  • Maintenance of electronic minutes and register of books
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, particularly under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act. Regular compliance alerts will be received via email.
  • Submission of annual returns and XBRL delivery to ACRA.

* Generally, our named secretary will not involve in your business operation and sign any resolution or documents. In the event you have single director and their signature is needed, we can resign as the named secretary temporarily so you may proceed to sign the documents without the corporate secretary.

Fee for Non-Routine Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore

Packages Available

Fee (SGD)

Approval of Director Fees (EGM) from S$150
Appointment of Auditor S$150
Change in Auditor S$150
Updating of Directors’ Particulars with ACRA S$50
Change in Bank Signatory S$100
Preparation of resolution for Opening a Bank Account S$100
Preparation of resolution for Closing a Bank Account from S$150
Preparation of resolution for Declaration of Dividend S$50 for the first shareholder
S$25 per shareholder for subsequent shareholders
Change of Business Activities $100
Change in Secretary S$100
Change in Where Register Member Kept S$100
Change in Registered Address S$100
Change in Directorship S$100 per individual
Change in Financial Year End S$100
Resolution for Purchase of Property S$200
Share Transfer of Ordinary Shares from/to individual (includes Share Certificate) from S$150 per transfer agreement / transferor / transferee (whichever higher)
Allotment of Ordinary Shares in cash (includes Share Certificate) from S$150 per shareholder
Update of paid-up capital (includes Share Certificate) from S$150 per shareholder
Change in Company Name S$200
Change in Constitution (EGM is required) from S$500
Liaise with auditor for annual statutory audit on secretarial records S$200 per review
Purchase of update business profile S$20 per copy
Purchase of electronic of certificate of incorporation from ACRA S$100 per copy
Extension of AGM deadline for 2 months S$500
Access to the register book in ACRA S$50 per register
Registration of alternate address for each officer S$100 per officer
Out-going for signing of documents / bank resolution by Company Secretary Not applicable. In the event this service is requested for, the fee charge is from S$400 per trip
Signing of bank resolutions or other documents (in our office) Not applicable. In the event this service is requested for, the fee charge is from S$100

***For the Company with more than 5 directors / shareholders, extra charge apply for the annual corporate secretarial services Singapore ***
***Please note that all the above company secretarial services Singapore does NOT including stamping fees or penalty ***

Corporate Secretarial Services In Singapore

If you are operating a company in Singapore, then you will know that you are required by the Singapore Companies Act to appoint a Company Secretary within the first six months of your company’s incorporation period. The Company Secretary which you appoint must be a Singapore resident (who is either a citizen or PR holder) or a holder of any of the Singapore work visas, including Employment Pass, and EntrePass. The appointed individual is also required to have a sound and in depth knowledge about the Companies Act.

What Will the Company Secretary Do?

The appointed Company Secretary will be responsible for a range of activities happening within the company, which include the following:

Handling Board Meetings

This involves attending meetings to take down the minutes of the meeting, ensuring correct procedures are adhered to, maintaining the minute books, formulating agendas with the Chairman, coordinating the company’s formal decision making and reporting process and certifying copies of the minutes.

Handling General Meetings

This includes ensuring correct procedures are adhered to, coordinating the administration, attending meetings, taking down the minutes of the meetings, and obtaining internal and external agreements for all documentation.

Handling Statutory Books and Registers

The Company Secretary is required to keep and maintain the statutory registers of the company.

Handling Statutory Returns

The Company Secretary is required to update ACRA on any company matters pertaining to the running of the business.

Handling the Company’s Constitution

This includes drafting and incorporating amendments according to the proper procedure required, and ensuring that the company complies with the constitution.

Other duties of the Company Secretary include:

  • Maintaining the company’s register of members
  • Handling the company’s report and accounts
  • Managing shareholder communication
  • Monitoring the shareholders
  • Handling the share and capital issues, transfers and restructuring of the company
  • Managing the acquisitions and disposals
  • Handling corporate governance
  • Acting as a channel of communication and information for the company’s non-executive directors
  • Ensuring proper use of the company seal is observed
Corporate Secretarial Services In Singapore

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As you can see, the duties and responsibilities of a Company Secretary and extensive, and you need to ensure your company is in capable hands by appointing the right individual or professional service to manage your company’s corporate secretarial duties.

AI Accountant is the preferred choice because our team of professionals are highly qualified and extensively experienced to handle your company secretarial matters. At AI Accountant, we ensure that the client is well taken care of and always compliant of the statutory requirements.

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