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AI Accountant is happy to announce that we are having great reviews on the corporate service comparison website InCorporate.sg, a company that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a jumpstart in their startups by comparing all the various services they will need during their journey.
Sharing the same vision of simplifying the process of setting up a company and finding the best services at the best cost for new companies, we are very proud of being recognized as one of the top companies in Singapore that can help all existing and future business owners.

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You can read our great review here

A little bit more about the first corporate service comparison InCorporate.sg :

InCorporate.sg serves as a listing platform to help business owners find the right services for their companies. Entrepreneurs are able to view the prices and reviews of services provided by existing agencies in various fields (i.e. incorporation, legal, marketing, accounting, office, web).
The team is growing fast alongside the company but the vision remains unchanged: to help all entrepreneurs kickstart their ambition and be able to focus on growing their idea, and leaving the administrative and other boring tasks to the best professionals.


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