Duties and Responsibilities of a Singapore Corporate Secretary

Duties and Responsibilities of a Singapore Corporate Secretary

What Does a Secretary Do in Singapore: These are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Singapore Corporate Secretary

Duties and Responsibilities of a Singapore Corporate SecretaryThe necessity to hire a Singapore corporate secretary is more than a mere formality. Therefore, an office can’t run if it doesn’t have a secretary. Here, we break down the duties and responsibilities of a company secretarial services in Singapore.


The Duties

The duties are predefined. The company must hire a secretary that can do their tasks. (see here for more about hiring a corporate secretary in Singapore)

Here is the Secretarial Duties List in Singapore:

Filings With ACRA: They are liable for filings with the ACRA. Also, they are filing of the company’s annual accounts, a notice of share transfers, and the announcement of the removal or resignation of executives, etc. They also handle the depositions of change, like changing the company name or office address.

Maintaining Registers: They retain and look after various registers, including the register of shareholders, register of executives, and other statutory registers. They also update the records after some occasions like change in the company shares.

Company Name/Company Seal: The company stamp could be vulnerable to misuses. They ensure that people don’t use the company name or the company stamp for unrelated things that result in negative consequences.

Company Identity: Business letters, notices or publications must have the company details. They assure that every one of these articles contains the company name, details and unique identification number.

Ensure Legality: The office secretary has to make sure every transaction happening in the company is legally valid. It includes the Memorandum & Articles of Association (MAA) compliance assurance, supervising overseas operations for any possible blotches regarding the law, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Singapore Corporate Secretary


Now let us talk about the responsibilities of a Singapore corporate secretary:

Talking To Potential Clients: The office secretary is most probably the first person you speak to when entering an office. They have a huge responsibility of driving in clients to the company. They need to have excellent communication skills and should be able to handle phones and e-mails. Their personality also matters and should always be friendly and cheerful.

Meetings: A company secretary is supposed to help in the Board and Annual General Meetings. It is also their duty in a Singapore corporate. They work on distributing meeting schedule, preparing agenda, taking notes, coordinating voting, and helping with opinions and knowledge, etc.

Paperwork: These are the documentations that we talked about previously in the duties and mostly related to the legal framework. They need to check the papers related to the company. The office might require them to prepare service level agreements, look after the confidential paperwork and arrange documents to help the executives handle them.

Everything for The Company: They should make sure they have the company’s best interest in mind in whatever they do. They must also check the paperwork or other contracts to make sure they help the corporate grow. They also work along with executives to ensure good governance.

Singapore Companies Act defines their duties, whereas the responsibilities vary from an office to another. The professional experts must check if the corporate secretaries carry out their duties and responsibilities efficiently. We help you with that with our company secretarial services in Singapore. Know more about services here.

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