Guide To Singapore Private Limited Company Registration

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What is Corporate Service Provider Company Incorporation Package?

Corporate Service Provider Singapore Company Incorporation Package

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Company Secretary Package

  • Acting as named Corporate secretary by Corporate Service Provider qualified staff
  • Maintaining the electronic Minutes and Register Books
  • Advice on secretarial/statutory/compliance/accounting/tax matters via email
  • Consistent performance of administrative duties to conform with the State laws, specifically the Income Tax Act and the Companies Act. Clients will receive updates and notifications via email.
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Submit annual return and XBRL to ACRA.

Singapore’s thriving economy and strategic location at the heart of Southeast Asia have further positioned Singapore as one of the important financial hubs in Asia for starting a company in Singapore. Many foreign investors flock to Singapore to setup their company and expand their business portfolio and starting a business in Singapore. The high demand for Singapore company incorporation in the country has prompted the government to roll out more pro-business policies and hassle-free Singapore company Registration procedures. Not sure how to start a business in Singapore? see the followings for the steps on open company in Singapore.

How to Register a Company in Singapore

Regularly ranked as one of the easiest countries in the world in which to do business and setting up a company in Singapore. Singapore is among the few countries that people can register business Singapore and setup new companies in hours in a very efficient way. Business registration procedure in Singapore is fully computerized by the ACRA where the company incorporation Singapore process is fast, efficient, and red tape free. Usually, a Singapore company formation can be incorporated in 1-2 days.

The business registration Singapore step-by-step guide below will help you to navigate the ins and outs of setting up a business in Singapore and how to register a company in Singapore:

Guide of Setting Up a Company in Singapore

  • Company Name: Decide a company name and check the availability for Singapore incorporation. The proposed company name must be approved before the company Singapore incorporation procedure begins (Company name approval could be obtained by filing the company incorporation Singapore application with the ACRA).
  • Directors: It is mandatory for every company to appoint at least one resident director for starting a company in Singapore (a resident here means a Singapore Citizen, a Singaporean Permanent Resident, or a person who has been issued an Entrepass or Employment Pass) – there is no limit on the number of additional local or foreign directors a Singapore Company can appoint for setting up a business in Singapore.
  • Shareholders: In Singapore, a private limited company can have a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 50 shareholders. The shareholder can be a person or another legal entity e.g. another company or trust. A director and shareholder can be either the same or a different person. In addition, Singapore allows 100% local or foreign shareholding for starting a business in Singapore.
  • Company Secretary: According to Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, every Singapore company formation is mandatory to appoint a qualified company secretary (must be a natural person who is ordinarily resident in Singapore) within 6 months of its Singapore incorporation.
  • Paid-up Capital: The minimum paid-up capital for Singapore company registration is S$1.
  • Registered Address: Having a registered local address is a must when you want to register a Singapore company. The registered address must be a physical address (where it can be either a commercial or a residential address) but not a P.O. Box for open company in Singapore.
  • The filing of the company incorporation Singapore request as well as the approval from the ACRA can be completed upon the approval of company name.
  • A registration fee of S$300 has to be paid to the ACRA when incorporating a private limited liability company.

A)Documents Issued:

  • Certificate of Incorporation: The applicant will receive an official email notification confirming the incorporation of the company from ACRA. The email notification is the official certificate of incorporation in Singapore where it contains the company registration number (A hard copy of the certification of incorporation is no longer issued and you can get the hard copy upon request with a fee of S$200 after setting up a business in Singapore)
  • Company Business Profile: A business profile that includes the details of the company can be obtained from the ACRA upon request with a nominal application fee after setting up a company in Singapore. The business registration Singapore document, which is a PDF file, is usually ready for download within an hour of the request and contains details as follows:
    • Company name and registration number;
    • Previous names for the company (if any);
    • Date of incorporation;
    • Principal activities;
    • Paid-up capital;
    • Registered local address;
    • Particulars of shareholders
    • Particulars of directors
    • Particulars of company secretary

In Singapore, the email notification of Singapore incorporation and company business profile are sufficient for all legal and contractual purposes that include opening of corporate bank accounts, signing office lease, subscribing to telephone/internet services, etc.

B) Other items needed upon registration of a Singapore company:

  • Share certificates for each of the shareholders
  • Share register indicating shares allotted to each of the shareholders
  • Opening a Corporate Bank Account

C) Applying for Business Licenses after register business Singapore if required

D) Goods and Service Tax (GST) registration if revenue is expected to be more than S$1 million annually.

E) Annual Filing Requirements

Why Us?

You might notice that company incorporation in Singapore has fully integrated with online platform and that has saved a lot of time and money.

Echoing the current market trend, we are the leading online Singapore company incorporation platform in Singapore. In other words, we are a fully online digital platform that clients do not need to come to Corporate Service Provider office (physical visit) to setup company in Singapore. We are creditable and trusted by customers as we are registered ACRA certified agent.

Chai Chung Hoong, Account Manager of AI Accountant will guide you in Singapore Private Limited Company Registration.

Information Required for Singapore Company Registration

We need simple information to process the Singapore company incorporation procedure:

  • Proposed company names
  • Principal business activities of the proposed company
  • Scanned Copy of all directors & shareholders NRIC (local) or Passport (foreigner)
  • Scanned Copy of latest proof residential addresses of all directors and shareholders such as utility bills (if different from NRIC)
  • Paid-up capital information
  • Registered Address of the Company
  • Email and contact number of all directors & shareholders
  • Percentage of shareholding of each shareholder

* It is a statutory requirement to have at least one resident directors for setting-up a private limited company in Singapore.

Fast and Easy Singapore Company incorporation process

  • Complete the Online Company Incorporation Form
  • We will check the availability of the company name and get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Once the proposed company name is confirmed, we will email invoice for payment to you. Upon receipt of payment, the company name will be reserved at your request.
  • We will then email you all the documents for electronic signatures.
  • Upon receipt of the electronically signed documents, we will perform the basic verification of your identity within 24 hours.
  • Once verification is completed, we will proceed to setup the company within 24 hours.
  • Once the Singapore company has been setup, we will email you all the completed documents (i.e. Constitution / Memorandum & Articles of Association, business profile and various other documents).

Special note for foreigner

If you are foreigner who does not have any Local Singaporean / Singapore PR Director and don’t know how to start a business in Singapore, do not be hesitate to contact us so that we can get our affiliate partner to assist you. If your company is a foreigner-owned company, you may need extra services such as issuance of bond or preference share. Though we do not have the expertise to assist you, you can get our affiliate lawyer to help you if interested. In addition, you can use your home address, or engage our affiliated partner registered address services or any third party for registered address.

On a final note, opening a company in Singapore involves some company registration process and it could be taxing without the professional assistance. You are always welcome to reach out to us whenever you need help!

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