What Does a Singapore Corporate Secretary Do in a Company?

What Does a Singapore Corporate Secretary Do in a Company?

Corporate Secretary Job Description: What Does a Singapore Corporate Secretary Do?

What Does a Singapore Corporate Secretary Do in a Company?A corporate secretary looks after the administration of the office, doing their best to help the office function and produce results. They help implement the decisions of the board of directors, maintain statutory registers and ensure compliance of the office activities with the law. A secretary doesn’t have a specific task, they do various things, all of which must be done if an office is to remain an office. This is the same in the case of a Singapore corporate secretary as well, and today we look at some things that a Singapore corporate secretary does in an office.


Ensure Compliance with the Law

There are several secretarial duties in Singapore as defined by the Singapore Company Act, and they must be done. These duties of the secretary are to ensure that the company remains within the boundary of law, and every corporate secretary hired by a company in Singapore should be able to look after these duties. Many things come under it, for example, filing with the ACRA, ensuring the safe use of the company brand name and stamp, etc. All of them have been listed in the above link of the secretarial duties.


Talk to Clients/Guests

This is another thing that a Singapore corporate secretary does. A company secretary talks to people within the company; whether that be a live interaction, or through the phones or e-mail. A corporate secretary should have enough knowledge of the correspondence, both formally and informally. They are also supposed to look after, and help visiting guests and give them company. That is the reason it is necessary for a good secretary to be friendly and co-operative.


Schedules and Time Tables

The corporate secretary also maintains schedules and timetables of different office executives. A secretary manages appointments, creates plans for the days among the others. That is the reason a Singapore corporate secretary must have good time-management skills, and at the same time, should have extraordinary planning skills. The boss or the other office personnel trust the corporate secretary with their day, so the secretary needs to be trustable to show for that.



A Singapore corporate secretary must also be able to organize meetings. Annual General Meeting and board of directors’ meetings are both coordinated by a Singapore corporate secretary. Other tasks include:

  • sending out schedules and notices for the conference
  • sharing opinions and takes notes
  • monitoring the votes if any occur in the meeting
  • arranging and producing the required vital documents in the meeting
  • helping participants with the presentation machine.

What Does a Singapore Corporate Secretary Do in a Company?


Other Duties

There also are other duties that a secretary does in the company. Most of them focus on helping other employees — for example:

  • planning visits
  • managing plane tickets
  • office errands (fetching employees with documents)
  • answering questions.

Hence, only a person with a good idea of the organizational structure can partake in the administration as a corporate secretary.

These are other important things a Singapore corporate secretary does for the company. Contact us if you are willing to hire a service providing corporate secretarial in Singapore.


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