Income Tax Compliance Services for Corporate In Singapore

Corporate Tax Compliance Package with Form C-S Submission
Our Corporate Tax Compliance Package (with Form C-S Submission) included:
Assist in authorise the right Corporate Service Provider as your tax agent with IRAS
E-filing Estimated Chargeable Income based on the estimated profit provided
Preparation of Tax Computation
Tax E-Filing of Form C-S to IRAS

Singapore companies will qualify to file Form C-S if they meet all of the following conditions

  • The company must be incorporated in Singapore;
  • The company must have an annual revenue of $5 million ($1 million for YA 2016 and before) or below
  • The company only derives income taxable at the prevailing corporate tax rate of 17%; and
  • Within the year of assessment, the establishment is not requesting any of the following:
    1. Any rebate for capital stipends or losses during the Current Year
    2. Investment Payment
    3. Foreign Tax Credit
    4. Tax Deductions from their sources
    5. Group Assistance

Singapore. A mighty nation that continues to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world who are eager to establish a base of operations in the country that has enticed them with its low tax rates and incentives. Singapore’s government has gone the extra mile by offering generous tax incentives in the hopes of attracting more talent into Singapore and it has been working tremendously well so far.

With an effective, one-tier territorial based flat-rate corporate Singapore tax system, and a Singapore tax rate of 17% on companies, Singapore has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world.

Running a company in Singapore is one thing. Fulfilling the corporate tax compliance and complete the income tax filing Singapore is another matter altogether. If you are a small company, especially, complying with the corporate income tax Singapore requirements and reporting your estimated chargeable income (ECI) is going to be a challenging business because of the limited resources your company may have at its disposal.

Which is why you require the service of professional companies like AI Accountant.

Chai Chung Hoong, Account Manager of AI Accountant will assist you in Corporate Income Tax Compliance Services in Singapore.

What Do Corporate Tax Compliance Services Consist Of ?

Corporate tax compliance in Singapore requires that the company do the following:

    • Prepare the filing of the estimated chargeable income (ECI). ECI’s are the company’s chargeable income for that specific year of assessment. Companies will be required to lodge and file this with IRAS within 3 months from the year end period.
    • Prepare and submit the corporate annual income tax Singapore returns.
Corporate Tax Compliance Services In Singapore

Companies may also be required to attend to any queries which are raised by IRAS, so it would be best to be prepared for the income tax filing in Singapore from all aspects. That way, companies will be ready to answer and provide documented proof if needed should IRAS require it.

Corporate tax computation is another essential aspect of corporate tax compliance. This involves preparing, computation and submitting of the tax and its related tax forms. In most cases, companies submit Form C for assessment, whereas corporations that qualify would submit Form C-S.

How to do income tax filing in Singapore – Choose AI Accountant

Whether it is a review of your company’s financial statements, submission of your ECI, preparation of tax computation and tax schedules for maximum tax exemption and minimal tax liability, AI Accountant is the preferred choice for professionalism in all aspects.

Not sure how to file income tax in Singapore. Appoint us as your chosen accounting community today! Find out more about AI Accountant’s full range of services on our website.

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