Qualification and Qualities of Company Secretary in Singapore

Qualification and Qualities of Company Secretary in Singapore

Business Attributes of A Secretary: Qualification And Qualities of Company Secretary In Singapore

Qualification and Qualities of Company Secretary in SingaporeThe company secretary is one of the most crucial positions for a company. Many things come down to the office secretary when we see how productive business can be. Every responsibility of a secretarial is necessary for a business to succeed; what they do is some of the most important tasks for the office to survive. Due to reasons like these, it is a must in Singapore to hire a company secretary. Anyway, there are some qualification and qualities of company secretary that an office should see before hiring, and we walk about them here.


These are the qualifications that are necessary to be an office secretary in Singapore.

  • The secretary should be a natural person.
  • He/She should be hired within six months of incorporation should not be the sole director.
  • The secretary should be residing locally in Singapore and should be an ordinary citizen
  • The secretary should have the necessary skills to carry out the secretarial duties defined by the Companies Act. Otherwise, they will be held liable if the company doesn’t comply with the law in some situations.


Qualities of A Company Secretary

There are various secretary qualifications and skills you should be keeping an eye on while hiring someone. Here are the knowledge skills and abilities of a secretary.

Communication Skills

For some, communication could be a mere conversation while successful secretaries have a trait of seeing communication as an opportunity for business growth. In many cases, secretaries are the first people that potential clients talk to, so they have a responsibility of being the first impression. Also, they have to handle telephones, send e-mails, so they must have enough knowledge of informal, and formal, structured communication such as business letters and applications.

Organizational Knowledge

When we say organizational knowledge, we don’t mean ‘some’ of it. A secretary must have a clear understanding of what the business is and what it is trying to accomplish. Many requirements and employees of the business depend on the secretary to get things done, and this might be true even to the owner. With various people to assist and many assignments, a secretary has a responsibility of being an extensive help to the business growth, so they should have every information about the organization.

Planning and Time Management Skills

There are many things to plan and, and even more things to schedule. Office secretary plans and organizes various office routines, such as board meetings, annual general meetings, visiting sessions with clients, etc. So, they need great planning skills. At the same time, they schedule these things, also manage the timing of office executives to do other stuff. So, both, planning and time management skills are some of the most necessary qualification and qualities of a company secretary.



More of a trait than skill, transparency is also a thing to talk about when we look at the qualification and qualities of company secretary in Singapore. A secretary must be frank. They have a close relationship with many office organs, and they can see where things are right and wrong. You don’t want a secretary that always does quietly what they are assigned; they should be able to say no sometimes reading the situation and needs.

Qualification and Qualities of Company Secretary in Singapore



Nothing can be accomplished without commitment, and we might say this is the motto of many successful secretaries. Being a secretary is not an easy task, the job asks a lot from you. (Also see, what does a secretary do in a limited company in Singapore?). A person cannot be a secretary until they wish to give everything they got, and a person only does so if they are passionate about a task. So, make sure you choose a genuine candidate to work as your secretary.


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