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Business for Sale Singapore: Advantages to Seller and Buyer

Business for Sale Singapore

Business for Sale in Singapore In this fast-changing business world, the changes in business ownership are becoming a norm. Many people prefer a business for sale as custom while others find lower risks in setting up a company in Singapore, while selling a business is always a good exit strategy. The reasons for selling a business might […]

Home-Based Businesses – Urban Redevelopment Authority

Home Based Businesses -Home Based Businesses - Urban Redevelopment Authority

Home-Based Businesses: Following the Urban Redevelopment Authority While part-time work, zero-hour contracts, and independent contracting are fuelling today’s gig economy, building a home-based business is fast gaining traction in this new marketplace, too. The idea of home-based business is not just a trend in Singapore, but it is becoming part of the new reality of […]

Office Rents Are on The Rise, But What Can SMEs Do About It?

Office Rents Are on The Rise

Office Rents Are on the Rise, But What Can SMEs Do About It? Office rents are increasing and SMEs are feeling it. The rental for real estate can be a considerably sizeable portion of a company’s recurring monthly income. This is why it’s important that occupiers of the property conduct early rent reviews and consider […]

Knowing Your Personal Data Protection: Ensuring Your Safety

knowing your personal data protection

Knowing Personal Data Protection Laws How much do you know about personal data? Well, to put it simply, personal data is still referring to data about an individual, and that individual can be identified using that data. Organizations are likely to have access to this data and other information about the individual. In Singapore, your […]

Knowing the Benefits of Starting a Business in Singapore

Benefits of Starting a Business in Singapore

Benefits of Starting a Business in Singapore Starting a business in Singapore has always been lucrative. It’s indeed true that opportunities are aplenty in Asia’s most vibrant and thriving business epicenter. Singapore has consistently been ranked as the best and number one city for investment potential in the world, so it comes as no surprise […]

Key Highlights from Singapore’s 2018 Budget

Key Highlights from Singapore’s 2018 Budget

Singapore’s 2018 Budget is Very Promising Singapore’s 2018 budget is now here. Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat notes that there are some “goodies for everyone” in the coming 2018 financial year. According to Mr. Heng, this year’s budget is wide-ranging to competently address Singapore’s long-term challenges and encompasses a multi-year agenda for the country. Tax […]

Home Office Scheme Singapore

Home Office Scheme Singapore

Home Office Scheme Singapore: Knowing The Basics Would you like your company’s address to be registered as your HDB address? Well, you can, thanks to the Home Office Scheme (HOS), a scheme which allows home-owners to conduct their business at home provided they satisfy all the necessary criteria and guidelines which are subjected to the […]