How Many Secretaries Can a Company Appoint in Singapore?

How Many Secretaries Can a Company Appoint in Singapore?

Singapore Secretarial Service: How Many Secretaries Can A Company Appoint in Singapore

How Many Secretaries Can a Company Appoint in Singapore?If you didn’t know, it is a legal obligation for companies in Singapore to hire a company secretary. Every company must hire at least one secretary who will be liable to do every duty as defined by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. So, a company must employ a secretary, but how many secretaries can a company appoint in Singapore? The answer is many, as much as you want. If you have the required budget, you have the freedom to increase the number as much as you want, which depends on the need of the business.


Requirements to Become a Company Secretary in Singapore

  • The individual must be a natural person and a permanent resident of Singapore.
  • The individual must be an ordinary citizen of Singapore. (Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident, or an entrepass holder. Singapore employment pass holder can also be an ordinary citizen in some special cases).
  • A sole director cannot be a secretary
  • The secretary should have a good grasp of the business foundation.
  • If the company is not interested in hiring its own secretary, it can decide to outsource the secretarial service.


The truth is, it is not about “how many secretaries can a company appoint in Singapore?”, but “How many secretaries should a company appoint in Singapore?” The answer depends on your budget and your needs; if you have enough funds, you can hire any number of office secretaries. And if you don’t, one best alternative is to hire a corporate secretarial service which can help you with your secretarial needs at a low cost. The next section will discuss the types of office secretaries depending on the type of office.


Executive Secretary

An executive secretary works with the office executives in the higher level. They manage documents, organise board meetings, hold confidential documents information, assist in budget formulation, help other secretaries and many more.


Confidential Secretary

A confidential secretary also works in the higher level and their main job is to handle some confidential data available to only some organs of the office. They take care of the secret information, and at the same time do other secretarial tasks like executive and general secretaries.


Legal Secretary

They assist the company attorney with legal paper works. Additionally, they look after and arrange legal documents and take part in court meetings. In essence, they should have a strong foundation of the law and secretarial service at the same time.

How Many Secretaries Can a Company Appoint in Singapore?


Medical Secretary

A medical secretary works in a health institution. Their job is to assist health professionals with general secretarial duties like answering phones, replying and preparing e-mails, talking to visitors, etc. They are the administrative support of the health care business.

You can know more about the qualifications of secretaries here.

Well, we hope this article helped you with your inquiry of how many secretaries can a company appoint in Singapore. Contact us if you think you need to hire corporate secretarial services, we give you the best service and we have some of the best prices in Singapore.

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