These Are The Roles of Company Secretary in Limited Company

These Are The Roles of Company Secretary in Limited Company

Company Secretary Requirements: General Roles of Company Secretary in Limited Company

These Are The Roles of Company Secretary in Limited CompanyA company secretary is a must for a limited company in Singapore, and there are many things they look after. The roles of company secretary in limited company mostly depends on the type of the company, and it depends on the transaction types and the field. But generally, these are the things that a company secretary needs to do in a limited company. (Remember that we are looking at the general responsibilities and not the legal requirements. Here is more about the secretarial duties list in Singapore).


Workload Organization

The first thing that comes under the job description of office secretary is workload organization. The manager defines who works where, while the secretary coordinates the workload management. They look if the jobs are being done and even help everyone running errands, assisting them in what they do.


Answering Phone Calls

Answering phone calls isn’t as simple as it sounds. The person on the phone is the first one whom a potential client could be talking to. Office secretary has an important job of being the first impression of the corporate, so they must have the skill to communicate with people of differing qualities and mood.


Organizing and Managing Schedules

Ask the boss; they will tell you how convenient it has been having their secretary assist with the time. The office is a place to work, and the members have a tight schedule. Some can’t waste a single second, and the secretary manages and organizes in the schedule, that will result in a routine work making it more productive.


Replying Emails

Here is another job that falls under the roles of company secretary in a limited company. Replying to emails could be similar to answering telephone calls on one level, but an additional skill needed here. The secretary should have a good concept of technical writing and formality as business e-mails are structured.


Organizing Meetings

Whether it be the board of directors meeting, or meeting with external parties, an office secretary has to look after what is happening. Organizing meetings are again, not an easy task, and many factors come into play like time organization, priority scheduling, etc., and they look after everything.


Document Management/ Filing

A business has various files to look after. Some documents might be urgent at the moment, while some might not be that important. An office secretary looks after all of them and arranges the documents. They should have a good knowledge of legal requirements and compliances.

These Are The Roles of Company Secretary in Limited Company


Talking to Visiting Clients

Talking to visiting people might not seem like a big of a deal, but it actually is. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are vital by a secretary to make sure that the business doesn’t lose its clients. Especially being friendly and still smiling while having so many things to do, that is a great quality.


An office secretary is one of the busiest beings working. An office would fall apart it is wasn’t for them. To be successful, you must hire a skilled secretary. Alternatively, corporates wish to hire a secretarial service to look after the roles of company secretary in a limited company. Corporate secretarial services have a professional secretary working for you in unbelievable prices. Contact us for more details.

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