The Main Roles and Responsibilities of Office Secretary

The Main Roles and Responsibilities of Office Secretary

Roles and Responsibilities of Office Secretary: Job Description and Duties

The Main Roles and Responsibilities of Office SecretaryEspecially if you are planning to start a Singapore company, you might be wondering why everyone keeps on talking about the importance of a company secretary. Even the government recognises it, and every limited company in Singapore must appoint a secretary. This has many reasons, as a secretary does a lot of things to ensure that the office performs well. For that, they need some skills, which we have talked about in the skills needed by an office secretary. For now, here are some of the primary roles and responsibilities of office secretary:



Administrative secretary job description always consists of correspondence. Office secretary is the first person that potential clients talk to. So, they have an essential responsibility to create the first impression of the company. Due to this, they must have extraordinary communication skills, and they need to know how to create an interest in people’s mind. The job of office secretary, in this case, includes answering telephone calls, replying e-mails, talking to visiting clients, etc. Mostly the responsibility of mail requires the secretary to be capable of both, formal and informal communication. They should know the structure of business proposals, applications, message and such.


Maintaining Schedules

Not only the office owner, but there are also many other employees who need someone to manage their timetable. Well, this is another one among the roles and responsibilities of office secretary, they have to look after the timing schedule of the office organs. This includes arranging a time for employees to do different jobs, managing the time for visitors, etc. As you can see an office secretary has the duty of looking after what everyone does at every second, they usually are the first one to arrive. An entire day of office is sluggish if the secretary is late, this defines how vital they are.


Organising Meetings

Organising meetings also fall under the roles and responsibilities of office secretary. Your Singapore office secretary manages when the meetings take place, and where they take place. They first organise the schedule while you get into the meeting, then they see the meet getting completed and are already waiting to help you get to another job after the meeting. This shows that a secretary takes care of various things, and they don’t have the privilege to work at a single thing on time. So, if you want to hire a corporate secretary, you should look for one with firm commitment and stamina as well.


Paperwork and Other Office Errands

Looking after, and organising the paperwork is another crucial role of an office secretary. They need to understand what the paper is and how important it is for the corporate. They arrange documents accordingly on the basis of priority so that the higher-level management can work on them accordingly. Another thing an office secretary does is run all over the office to help individual employees with the help they need. All in all, we can say office secretary plays an important role to ensure that everything in the office happens systematically.

The Main Roles and Responsibilities of Office Secretary


Final Word

These roles and responsibilities of office secretary show that you need someone very skilled as a secretary for your company. One way to ensure that is hiring a corporate secretarial service in Singapore. They let the best secretaries work for you at a very affordable cost. Contact us for more information.

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