Is a Company Secretary an Officer of the Company in Singapore?

Is a Company Secretary an Officer of the Company in Singapore?

Answering the Question: Is a Company Secretary an Officer of the Company in Singapore?

Is a Company Secretary an Officer of the Company in Singapore?Yes, we can call the company secretary an officer of the company. What is more to add is that a company secretary is an officer hired directly from the board of directors. In Singapore, the board of directors passes a resolution to the Accounting and Regulatory Authority after accepting someone as the company secretary. An office secretary is one of the most important officers, and they have a lot of responsibilities.

In Singapore, every company should have a secretary. Hiring a secretary is a legal requirement, and every company is expected to do so under six months of the registration. Many even opt to first look for a secretary before registering a company, it is all about convenience. While other corporates opt to go for secretarial services which have a lot of benefits. Thus, we can say that it is necessary for a company to have a secretary, but enterprises have a lot of options in Singapore.


Responsibilities of an Office Secretary

We call an office secretary an officer of the company in Singapore, but they generally have more work than other employees inside the office. They have many administrative tasks to accomplish, and at the same time, have other secretarial duties as described by the Singapore companies act. However, these are some responsibilities of office secretary working as an officer.


In most cases, office secretaries are the ones that clients talk to. Office secretaries answer phone calls reply e-mail and serve visiting guests, so friendliness and attractive character including extraordinary communication skills are needed.

Filing Paperwork

In the context of Singapore, office secretary has various paper works to fill, and they have to do it the right way. Because the secretary will be held liable for every time a law is broken by the company. Hence, they need considerable knowledge of what the law.

Arranging Documents

Paperwork that we talked about previously was something that the company needs to submit to ACRA or other governing bodies. This time, we are talking about arranging the documents inside the company. Secretaries help executives or other employees by organizing their paperwork.


Secretaries are also responsible for the successful organization of meetings. Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors meeting included. Secretaries, depending on their position might also be required to provide opinions or take notes, all of which are to help the office.

Managing Schedules

An office has a lot of busy people. Secretaries should have a specific schedule and timetable for overseeing and accomplishing tasks. The office secretary knows what, when and how things can be done by the office people to find the best results, and assist executives accordingly.

Other Office Tasks

Office secretaries also have other tasks, such as ensuring the safe use of office stamp, assisting office employees by running errands throughout the building, managing plane tickets, etc. Safe to say, office secretaries are some of the busiest people in the office.

See the full list of office secretary roles and responsibilities in Singapore here.

Is a Company Secretary an Officer of the Company in Singapore?


Wrapping Up

So, we can say office secretary an officer of the company, one which you need the most. So, you have to ascertain that the person you choose to be your office secretary is qualified by all means. Contact us if you are looking for hire best corporate secretarial services in Singapore.

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