Five Most Important Qualities of a Good Secretary You Must Know

Five Most Important Qualities of a Good Secretary You Must Know

Qualities of a Good Secretary: Character Traits Necessary for Companies

Five Most Important Qualities of a Good Secretary You Must KnowTrying to get a job as a secretary or hiring a secretary for your office? Either way, you should know about what a good secretary has. The secretarial qualities of an individual aren’t only something that makes him/her stand out, but they also are essential assets to the corporate. A secretary has a lot of duties to look after and many responsibilities, which are directly related to the company doing good. Here are some qualities of a good secretary.


Easily Outgoing

Communication skills are one of the essential skills of a secretary, and to help with that, the person should be easily outgoing. He/she should be friendly and know how to connect to the people. As many clients first talk to the secretary, the secretary represents the entire company, so they should know what to say at the right moment. At the same time, they should also know what not to say. Meet an office secretary of a big company; you will notice this quality right away, a good secretary is a busy person, by still is able to make everyone feel comfortable when people are near to them.


Calm and Composed

Remember how we said a secretary should know what to say and what ‘not’ to say? Yes, a secretary should be friendly, but at the same time, should be calm. This is one of the most important qualities of a secretary as their job is one with a lot of stress. They have many things to do, and everything requires great accuracy and completeness. That is only possible if an individual is composed all the time and knows well how to cope with pressure. Being calm and composed also helps with being more professional, and this is the first thing that companies look for in a secretary interview.


Judgment Ability

A secretary should be able to categorize between right and wrong. At the same time, she should tell if something isn’t quite right. Office secretary has a relation with almost every other employee in the company, so there is a high risk of partiality. Every office personnel needs help from the secretary if they are to do their best; the secretary must be able to understand this. So, they always need to be fair and help everyone when they need to. This encompasses tasks like helping a mid-level office employee than the executive. This works especially if it is the best thing to do at the moment.


Hold Time in High Standards

The job of an office secretary, most of the times, is directly related to time. Thus, one of the qualities of a good secretary is knowing the importance of time like nobody else. Secretaries don’t only manage their own time. Their duty also includes helping the executives with their schedule. This entails that an individual should have the right idea of the ‘right moment’ for everyone if they are a member of the company’s secretarial department.

Five Most Important Qualities of a Good Secretary You Must Know



Having skills is one thing, but actually trying to put every skill is other. You wouldn’t want to hire a person who only brags about the skills, better have someone with no to low skills and tries to improve every second. Being a secretary is demanding, and a person can only become a secretary when they want to. So, a good secretary isn’t doing what they do because it is their job. Rather, they must do it because they love to do it.  Make sure that your secretary fulfills this requirement; this is also one of the must-have qualities of a good secretary.

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