Does an LLP Have a Company Secretary in Singapore?

Does an LLP Have a Company Secretary in Singapore?

Office Secretary in Singapore: Does an LLP Have a Company Secretary?

Does an LLP Have a Company Secretary in Singapore?“Does An LLP Have a Company Secretary In Singapore?” The answer to this question is obvious. An LLP can have or not have a company secretary; it depends on the company. Well, this topic has been confusing people because of the legal necessity of a company secretary they have been hearing.  The main reason for it being an LLP standing as a separate legal entity in Singapore similar to a private limited company.

When someone says it is a legal obligation to hire a secretary in Singapore, you need to understand that it is true only for a private limited company. This ordinance is not a compulsion for other companies, though the same can’t be said for necessity. However, there are some other requirements to fulfill while opening an LLP in Singapore and they are:

  • There should be at least two partners both aged 18 years and above.
  • There should be at least one manager, who should be currently living in Singapore. (Singapore citizen, ex-Singapore citizen or a Singapore, permanent resident).


Should An LLP Have A Company Secretary In Singapore? Importance of A Secretary In An LLP

We did say that an LLP doesn’t ‘need to have’ a company secretary, but we just meant in legal terms. The Singapore market is competitive for everyone; whether that be a sole proprietorship, partnership or a limited company, everyone should be a step ahead of the others to get business.

There might not be legal positions in an LLP as in a private limited company, but we strongly suggest you hire someone to do the secretarial duties. After all, a business is a business, and there are many things that a secretary does a lot of things that are ‘not’ required by the law. These are the things that a corporate secretary can help you with:


You need to communicate with people to get business. Corporate secretaries help you with phone calls, e-mails, talking to visitors, etc.

Paperwork and Registers

There still are some paper works and registers to fill in an LLP. A secretary can help you with it.


Formal meetings between the partnerships in an LLP are a frequent occurrence. A secretary can help by arranging and organizing meetings, keeping, notes, etc.

Other Tasks

Office secretaries in a partnership can help with general secretarial duties such as arranging flight tickets, scheduling, time management, routine planning, etc.

Does an LLP Have a Company Secretary in Singapore?


Know More About Secretarial Services

Office secretaries in an LLP in Singapore isn’t a rare occurrence. And when we talk about it specifically for the LLPs, corporate secretarial services can be the best for them. Ask us why- the structure of an LLP may not be suited to giving people permanent contracts. Also, a corporate secretarial service is way cheaper than hiring own company secretary in Singapore, and if the company can choose the right secretarial service, they can have some of the best secretaries in the city-state working for them. Contact us for more information.

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