Different Types of Secretaries in a Singaporean Office

Different Types of Secretaries in a Singaporean Office

These Are the Different Types of Secretaries Working in a Singapore Office

Different Types of Secretaries in a Singaporean OfficeThere are many responsibilities of an office secretary, and there are many types of secretaries that fulfill these duties. A secretary’s job description requires carrying out various administrative functions. Meanwhile, its main objective is to ensure that it is easy to allocate different types of tasks for individuals according to their expertise. Thus, the types of secretaries have been defined according to what they do and their field of experience. Here are the types of office secretary working in a Singapore office.


Executive Secretary

Executive secretary generally is the head of the secretarial department, and they have responsibilities in the higher level. They are the ones who assist the executives and coordinate every other secretarial task, so they must be diligent, versatile and competent in their work, and at the same time, have strong leadership ability. The work field of an executive secretary is similar to other secretaries, but the difference is what they do. For example, a general secretary might be required to take notes in a board meeting, while an executive secretary advises the board of directors. Their responsibility includes handling confidential documents, preparing invoices or financial statements, etc.


Confidential Secretary

As their name suggests, the primary responsibility of a confidential secretary is to prepare and store confidential records, the records of a company only exclusive to the higher level of the workforce. As the confidential secretary has access to very sensitive data, for example, personal correspondence, budget planning, etc., they must be able to hold secrecy and work in pressure. They also provide other administrative support including transcribing documents, proofreading, taking minutes, visiting clients etc. As a confidential secretary is also a higher level of office secretary as the executive secretary, they might be needed to guide other secretarial human resources in the company.


Legal Secretary

Another one among the types of secretaries in a Singapore office is a legal secretary. A legal secretary works with the company lawyer; they have the responsibilities to take appeals, legal letters or other documents to and from the attorney. As their job is to handle the legal documentation, they must have a good understanding of the law, and at the same time should have a good grasp of the secretarial skills. They also assist with the legal research and take part in every court work. The job of a legal secretary, however, is particular unlike other secretaries and mostly work only under the domain of law.

Different Types of Secretaries in a Singaporean Office


Medical Secretary

Another type of secretary is a medical secretary. A Medical secretary works in a health institution. Basically, they represent the physician or the health officer they are working for. They are responsible for handling phone calls, talking to visitors, arranging referrals, replying e-mail, arranging appointments and many more. Medical secretaries could be working personally or in a corporation. Either way, their responsibility is to assist medical personnel in the field of administration. Thus, a medical secretary should have good secretarial skills. At the same time, she should understand some medical terms and processes to answer some general medical questions.

These are the types of secretaries working in a Singapore office. Contact us if you are looking for secretarial services in Singapore; we have exactly what you need.

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