Characteristics of a Good Executive Secretary in an Office

Characteristics of a Good Executive Secretary in an Office

What Are the Traits of a Good Executive Secretary?

Characteristics of a Good Executive Secretary in an OfficeAn executive secretary works closest to the most important people in the business. Hence, they need to have better skills than other secretaries, as their responsibilities are deemed some of the most critical secretarial duties in a company. They are also the personnel that other secretaries in the company look up to. Hence, they must have good leadership skills. Today, we talk about the characteristics of a good executive secretary in an office.


Information Technology Knowledge

Information technology runs today’s world. Proper use of Information Technology thus, guarantees that the business does well. An executive secretary, hence, should not only be knowing of this fact but should have a sound knowledge of the latest technology. Executive secretaries are many times directly involved in formulating plans for running the company, and they should be able to incorporate the proper use of technology into that. Also, as many tasks of an executive secretary are done on the computer, so they should have extraordinary skills regarding the software they use and other skills supporting it. For example, fast typing speed.



Being communicative is one of the essential characteristics of an amazing executive secretary. They should not only be able to communicate or talk to the executives but should also be able to talk to the visitors. Also, executive secretaries have the duty of picking up the phones and replying e-mails, all of which are crucial to the company, so he or she should be able to handle them perfectly. They should also know how to talk to, and look after the visitors, earning new clients for the office.


Leading People

We talked about the leadership skill in the introduction as well; this characteristic can’t be missed. The executive secretary is the highest secretary position in the company. It might be true that they should work with the executives, but at the same time, they must help fellow secretaries and other employees with their jobs. The executive secretary exists because of the board of directors’ resolution. They expect that he/she can help the company grow, and one of the best methods for it is to pass the skills to their work companions.  


Team Player

Being a team player is another one of the characteristics of a great secretary. An executive secretary must know the true meaning of being in a team. They should not only know how to work well, but they also need to know how to work with others. Office tasks in the executive level are not mere child’s play; one small decision can change the entire company landscape. Hence, whatever the executive secretary does, he/she should be aware if it affects other people around them. And if yes, he/she should take opinions from the others, and sometimes assistance to do it differently from how he/she had previously thought. At the same time, an office secretary should be aware if others are finding some difficulty in doing something, they should try to help everyone they can.

Characteristics of a Good Executive Secretary in an Office


Ability to Do Other Secretarial Duties and Roles

Depending on the country or the company type, an executive secretary can have other tasks. For example, in a corporate, an executive secretary can also work as a confidential secretary. Therefore, they should know how to handle secret information. Other jobs include doing everyday secretarial tasks such as running throughout the office providing papers, managing registers, etc. There are various legal duties depending on the country of residence which a secretary should handle. For instance, these are some secretarial duties in Singapore that a secretary should be able to do. Also, she should fill in for absent secretaries, which is also one of the characteristics of an impeccable secretary.

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